I am a freelance Web Designer and Developer Based in Ireland, I code professional, creative and vibrant websites. I strive to make my work visually appealing, not overlooking any pixel. Its all in the detail for me. I aim to create usable websites, which are functional and easily accessible to both client and their costumers.

Conor McGregor Quote Machine
One in a Million Game

Get the Rhythm of your Password

An app I am currently working on. It detects the rhythm of your password as you are typing and then displays it back. With so much being invested in security these days I think this could have endless possibiltles. Imagine someone knowing your password and still not being able to access your account because they do not type in the same way as you do.


Website for a driven instructor located in Kilkenny. Jim was very happy with the way it turned out. He is currently collecting testimonials that we are going to add to his site.

Betting Calculator

A handy web app for calculating your bets. I designed it with the intention of speed (not having to type in the price). This makes going from start to finish much faster. Each way odds are calculated at 1/4 or 1/5 of the odds.


A Website I am currently working on. Villageofthemonks.ie a website all about my hometown of Graiguenamanagh. Still quiet a bit of work to do withh this one(This is just a preview). I will be turning to Sass to help me speed it up.

Simple Clock

Simple Clock I made to be left open on my desktop. I used flexbox to verticaly center it.

A fun dares app.

Just for fun. Here a little web app I made. When you have a few friends over and ye are feeling up to it, give it a try. I dare you. And for those who are not quiet up to it theres an easier set of dares.

Jaku Icon' s

An add-on I made for the wonderfully Jaku theme made by William Szilveszter. Download the full zip file here. 19 icons in total.