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About Me.

Hi, I'm Scott Kennedy, an excitable front-end web developer working from Ireland. I live with an intense passion for web development. For the past 4 years, I have been trying to soak up all I can about the wonderful world that is the web.

Scott Kennedy

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If you want to work together, have an idea or simply want to say hello, then hit me up at scottyzen@gmail.com

Recent Work.

Betting Calculator v2

This is the second version of my betting calculator. Built from the ground up using Vue.js. I also used Vuex and vuex-persistedstate to manage and store the state in local-storage. And Tailwindcss to speed up the design prosses.

Coming in the next update:
* Mulit line bets
* Patents / Lucky 15's
* Custom colors

To download this PWA onto your smartphone simply open in safari and press the button that says "Add to Home Screen".

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Vue.js SASS jQuery

Village of the Monks

The website shows the history of the village along with the local weather and an ever changing Instagram feed of relevant images. It also has CRUD functionality, allowing users to upload their own picture along with a description. I was the sole developer. Along the way, I faced a breaking change in Instagram's API, found a workaround, and contributed my changes to PHP-Instagram-Grabber open source project.

HTML5 CSS3 PHP MySQL Javascript Glup SASS Photoshop

Premier League Predictor

Powered by BrainJS, Premier League Predictor uses match history from this year's Premier League, along with machine learning to try to predict the outcome of a soccer match.

This app is using the latest cutting-edge technology including TailwindCSS, PurgeCSS, Webpack and more. The site is also automatically deployed with Heroku through a GitHub repo.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Vue.js Webpack Heroku

Crypto Tweets

With the cryptocurrency world booming at the moment I said id try to find an edge. I made this app to spot trends amongst some of the top coins. The front end is being handled by Vue.js. I also am using Axios to send asynchronous requests to Coinmarkcap's API and sending a second request with the returned data to Ritekit's API.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript SASS Vue.js

Barrow Drive | School of Motoring

A simple single page website I made for a local driving instructor. Barrowdrive was one of the first websites I made. I really enjoyed the experience. I used Bootstrap to quickly make the site fully responsive.

HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap

Todo List

A todo list made purely with Javascript. With object-oriented programing as the design principle. It takes advantage of HTML5's local-storage property to store each to do item in memory. Allowing the user to close the page and return to their list intact.

Javascript HTML5 CSS3 SASS

Security Idea

A small web app I made for fun. I had an idea for another way to check users login into a website my checking the rhythm they typed their password in. Implementation on a larger scale would be hard but making it proved an excellent challenge for the future.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript jQuery SASS Photoshop